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Easy money

December 29th, 2013 at 10:17 am

I love it when I can make money with no effort! Yesterday I packed up some of my son's old clothes and mine as well at took them off to resell shops to earn some money. This is something that I do twice a year to buy my son new clothes. He wears uniforms to school, so his "street" clothes don't get much wear so I have many times resold the clothes back to the resell shop I got them from...score!

Yesterday I made $55 bucks and spent $40 on three pair of jeans, a pair of school pants and three shirts. He was in a real need for some new clothes and shoes, but I covered the shoes for Christmas. What I got him is going to last him until the summer.

The $15 I have left over will be going in the bank.

And my day got even better!

November 24th, 2012 at 03:57 pm

As if putting some free money in the bank wasn't good enough, more good things happend to me today! I had a ton of errands I had been putting off that I need to get done today. So off my son and I went to get his hair cut and after that I went to drop off some of his clothes to a second hand store to see how much money I could make.

My next stop was to another second hand store I sold some of my clothes to a while ago. They called and told me that I had a $10.85 store credit and if I came to use it by December 10th I would score a $5 credit to use at a later date. Since the stores are next to each other I went in to see what I could find and I had a HUGE score. I had been saying I was in need of sweaters, and I found not just one, but two marked 50% off costing me just $1.22 out of pocket and gaining $5 gc!!! I plan on going back to pick up one more before the 1/2 off sale is over.

Then off to the Sprint store to get my phone looked at. I have been going back and forth with them about sending me a new one, its in bad shape; can't get it to stay on unless its charged and a ton of other things, but after a fight I got it! It will be here on Tuesday! And will cost me ZERO!!!

Back to the second hand kids store I went to see how much money I made...I was guessing not much and to pick out two pair of uniform pants for my son on the cheap. He has been wearing the only pair he has for the past month, I wash them every two days but he really needed at least two more. I found two pairs for $4.50 each and 25% and I was going to use the money I made from the clothes to pay for them. I get to the register and I made...sit down.....$92!!!! I wanted to pass out! It was such a large amount they had to write me a check! After the pants, I have $87!!!

This has been a GREAT money day for me! I am now going to put my new sweaters in my closet, my son's pants in his closet and sign the back of this check, it will be another jig to the mailbok for me on Monday!!!

Enjoy the rest of you Saturday, I know I will!