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The budget

November 23rd, 2012 at 07:29 am

As promised below is my household budget.

Take Home Pay- 1790.00
Fixed Expenses......
Savings- $15.00
Rent- $634.00
Student Loan #1- $533.00
Student Loan #2- no payment due
Car Insurance- $199
Renters Insurance- $13.50
CC #1- $33.00
CC #2- $20.00
Variable Expenses......
Gas- $120.00
Groceries- $50.00
Dominion Power- $60.00
Cable- $50.00
Cell phone- $78.00
As is stands I am over budget by 6.50 per month

This is my budget for December as I will be paying all my bills for November tomorrow. Now I know what you don't see is my car loan listed in my budget. What I have done is year's past is pay my loan up for the year with my income tax returns, but that didn't happen like I wanted this year, the reason why I am past due. I have about $200 that I am going to put toward it and $300 in my state taxes that I have not filed yet, so this will get my account current.

Now looking at my budget, you are like me....where am I going to get the money from to pay down my debt, well I have a a part time job! This money is not ever going to be added into my monthly budget and applied directly toward my debt. Its not income that is steady so I don't want to make it seem I have more money per month that I do. I go on Monday to sign my paperwork and I hope to have my first check by December!

A few things about the numbers, my power bill is never $60 per month. For November it was $44.10, but just incase it is ever that high, I set that amount aside. Any money that is not spent goes to debt. And I know you are looking at my grocery budget, $50 per month WHAT!?!?! I use coupons and have a really good stock pile, so I am able to manage with that!

Well there you have it. Fell free to ask questions, pick my budget apart, offer suggestions!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Turkey Day! I'm paying bills tomorrow, so I will let you all know how that goes!!