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Survey sites, rebates and a settlement check??

November 24th, 2012 at 06:12 am

Today I am going to mail in $39.60 to my savings account and mail off $20 in rebates! This is money I didn't do much of anthing for, $30 of it being from money I earned from one of the many survey sites I belong to and $9.60 of it from a settelment for BOA that I didn't even know I was a part of, but happy somehow I was! It was for a lawsuit againist them for charging super high overdraft fees. I had that account for about two years and the bank closed it when my boyfirend at the time and son's father overdrafted it to the tune of $600! Besides my son, its the best thing he did as I get back $9.60 of the $600 I paid back!

As I was getting the checks together to mail off, I started to think about all the money I have made from these sites and its real money!

PineCone Research- $30
MyPoints- 8100 points($50 Old Navy GC, with leftovers)
I-PsosISay- $20
Swagbucks- 3396 points ($35 Amazon GC here I come!)
My Coke Rewards- 2 $5 pizza GC
Rebate- $20

So all total I have earned $165 in either cash in hand or gift cards for very little effort and a bonous $9.60 that I didn't even know about! That's real money, to bank to pay off debt, to buy me something nice! And I didn't leave my son out of the fun, he had his own survey site as well; KidsEyes and he currently has $20! On top of that I am going to get him a savings account with ING and earn him $10 more!!

I normally do a slow creap to the mail box, but not today, more like a jig!

Have a Happy Saturday!

4 Responses to “Survey sites, rebates and a settlement check??”

  1. mamasita Says:

    I bet your son enjoyed filling out the kids survey, they like to tell what they think! Smile

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Excellent job!

  3. shannabattle Says:

    Yes he does!

  4. shannabattle Says:

    Yes he does! And the fact he's earning his own money!

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