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And the journey begins.......

November 21st, 2012 at 08:51 pm

First things first.....

HI!! I am Shanna and I am a single mother of one hyper seven year old boy! I am the typical mom trying my best raise my son the best I can. Well like a lot of you, I have debt and a lot of it and I am doing all I can to get rid of it! Everyone has their story and this is mine....the good, the bad, the ugly and the really ugly! I'm not going to do everything right. I know that I will make some mistakes, I know that I will have some slip ups, I know that this journey will not be an easy one, but it is one I am ready for.

So here it goes......the numbers, oh boy yall, I'm scared *bitting nails*

Student Loan #1 (Yep that means there is a #2!)
$59,496.55 (past due amount $418.14)
Student Loan #2
$8,739.30 (no payment due)
Credit Card #1 (Yep, yet again this means a #2!)
$347.76 (current)
Credit Card #2
$1,009.37 (current, but over limit by $9.37)
Car Loan
$7,060.79 (past due by 529.74)
Medical Debt
Bull Shit Debt (old bills from God knows when)
So as of now my bottom line is 76,653.77 (YIKES!!!)
Savings Account: $10 (well its a start)

Now this number does not yet include my medical or bs debt, give me a few days to get you all an accurate number and I will update the bottom line. My goal for the rest of 2012 and 2013 is the following......

Student Loan #1-$56,496.55
Student Loan #2-nothing will be due
Credit Card #1-$0
Credit Card #2-$500
Car Loan-$6,000
Medical Debt-1/2 of what that number is
Bull Shit Debt-1/2 of what that number is
Savings Accont-$500

So there are the numbers and there are my goals! Simple and plain and there is not hiding from that. That's it for now people. I will post my budget tomorrow so you can see the ins and outs of my cash flow, well Friday....tomorrow is Turkey Day!

I hope you have fun on this journey with me as I work to meet my debt reduction and savings goals for the year!

10 Responses to “And the journey begins.......”

  1. Nika Says:

    Welcome Shanna! People here are at all stages of their financial journey, but we are all united by financial awareness. It is a nice forum for keeping motivated.

  2. Beawealthywarrior Says:

    From one single mom to another, welcome!!

  3. Shiela Says:

    Hey, welcome to SA!

  4. wowitsawonderfullife Says:


  5. shannabattle Says:

    Thanks guys for the support! I am happy to be among like minded people and ready to get this show on the road! Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

  6. Amber Says:

    Welcome, I look forward to taking this journey with you.

  7. NJDebbie Says:

    Welcome and trust me this is the place to be to keep you motivated!

  8. Petunia 100 Says:

    Welcome! Best of luck to you with your goals. Smile

  9. North Georgia Gal Says:

    It looks like you and I both made huge mistakes with Student loans. I currently have about $45000 is Student loans.

    I look forward to your posts!

  10. Looking Forward Says:

    Belated welcome. Smile

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